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Class A CDL Training

Are you someone who is passionate about driving and wants to convert this passion into a profession or maybe you are thrilled by trucks and commercial vehicles? Maybe you are exploring career opportunities in the USA. Whatever the reason, you may stop searching as we have your back. Welcome to Highway Driving School – where affordability meets amazing education, shaping the destiny of professional truck drivers. With a commitment to supplying the best CDL school in Virginia and throughout the US, we stand out because of the epitome of excellence in the trucking enterprise. Join us on the road to fulfillment as we discover the intricacies of our comprehensive program, designed to turn your aspirations into reality as we are energetic tutors for energetic learners.

Highway Driving School's CDL Class A Instruction Program offers a comprehensive 20-day schooling routine, comprising:

  • 40 hours of classroom instruction
  • 120 hours of range and behind-the-wheel training
  • Our CDL Class A education training is available in both full-time and part-time modes.

What You Can Expect From Us

Recognizing the developing call for expert truck drivers, we understand the massive funding of time, strength, money, and mental resources required to attain a commercial driver’s license. Our commitment is to deliver top-notch CDL education in a professional and courteous way. We cross the greater mile to make sure of your achievement.

Affordable Truck Driving School - Making Dreams Attainable

Highway Driving School is aware that pursuing a Commercial Driver’s License is a widespread investment, and we consider that economic constraints should not preclude your goals. As an affordable truck driving school, our venture is to make quality training on hand for each and every person. Our programs are tailor-made to offer amazing cost without compromising on the intensity and excellence of training.

CDL Instruction Excellence - Guiding You Every Mile

Our CDL instruction goes beyond the fundamentals, imparting a complete knowledge of experience that equips you with the talents and expertise to excel in the trucking industry. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced driving force seeking extra endorsements, our group of professional instructors is devoted to guiding you every mile of the way.

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CDL Training Tailored to Your Needs - Virginia and Beyond

Highway Driving School is not just a local institution; we’re a beacon of CDL education excellence throughout the entire USA. Our dedication to handing top-tier education is aware of no bounds, making us the desired preference for people looking for a pleasant commercial driving force’s license faculty nationwide.

Commercial Truck Driver Education - Shaping Industry Leaders

Our venture extends beyond merely teaching you to pressure; we’re committed to shaping the future leaders of the trucking industry. With a focus on professional truck driver training, our curriculum is designed to instill the competencies, ethics, and attention wished for a successful and satisfying profession on the road.

Best CDL School in Virginia - Backed by Means of Raving Reviews

Highway Driving School proudly holds the identity of the quality CDL school in Virginia, a recognition solidified via the sparkling CDL school critiques from our happy graduates. Our commitment to excellence in business driver education has earned us the belief of our school students, making us the go-to choice for the ones looking for an advanced studying experience.

On-the-Road Training - Turning Theory into Practice

We believe in studying with the aid of doing. Our on-the-road training sets us aside as a professional riding school devoted to remodeling theoretical know-how into practical knowledge. This hands-on technique guarantees that you are properly prepared for the challenges and responsibilities that come with being an expert truck driver.

CDL Exam Preparation and Test Practice - Ensuring Success

Success within the CDL examination is non-negotiable, and our instructors are here to ensure you skip with flying colors. Our CDL exam guidance and test practice sessions are meticulously designed to boost your self assurance and hone your abilities, growing your probabilities of success while it matters maximum.

For people who have faced challenges passing the road test or CDL examination at the DMV 3 times, our Re-Examination Classes are here to offer help. These instructions cover various subjects, such as vehicle systems and inspection, pace, space, risks, accident procedures, and more. Re-examination classes are available in both full-mode and part-time schedules, accommodating your availability.

Pricing for re-exam classes:

  • 40 hour class for failing the CDL knowledge test three times: $750.00
  • 80 hour class for failing the road check: $750.00 
  • Truck Driving Courses - A Comprehensive Learning Journey

    Our truck driving courses cover a wide variety of topics essential for becoming a professional and accountable expert truck driver. From the basics of vehicle operation to superior riding techniques, our courses are dependent on offering intensive information on the enterprise’s demands.

    CDL Permit and License Training - Your Gateway to the Open Road

    Highway Driving School takes pleasure in offering meticulous CDL permit and license training, making sure that you meet the vital necessities to hit the open street with self assurance. Our technique prepares you not only for the assessments but for the real-world challenges you’ll stumble upon as a licensed commercial driver.

    Commercial Vehicle Training - Beyond the Basics

    Our business vehicle schooling is going beyond the same old curriculum. We delve into the nuances of various commercial motors, ensuring you’ve got a complete knowledge of the numerous lessons and types of motors you may encounter in your profession.

    No Shortcuts Here

    Our team adheres strictly to the guidelines set by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and other applicable state and federal organizations. Rest confident, our students obtain full and comprehensive schooling programs for all available courses.

    Passenger Endorsement - Expanding Your Skill Set

    Highway Driving School offers passenger endorsement training, permitting you to broaden your skill set and career possibilities. Whether you’re interested in transporting passengers or trying to beautify your universal proficiency, our application has you protected.

    Professional Driving School - Your Partner in Success

    Highway Driving School is not just a faculty; we’re your accomplice in success. Our team is dedicated to imparting a supportive and motivating surroundings where your dreams end up our dreams. We take satisfaction in nurturing the next generation of expert truck drivers and fostering a network of achievement.

    Enroll Today, Drive Tomorrow - Your Future Starts Here

    Highway Driving School is not simply a place to examine; it’s a community devoted to your success. Whether you’re embarking on a brand new career route or seeking to beautify your existing competencies, our packages cater to all degrees of understanding. Don’t accept mediocrity – choose excellence with Highway Driving School.

    Unlock your driving capability and embark on an adventure toward a hit and worthwhile profession at the open avenue. Enroll with Highway Driving School now and enjoy the difference that excellent training can make! Your destiny as an expert truck driver starts right here.

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